Small drywall repair in Williamsville NY - Communication is key!

 Water Damage Repair 

Communication between all parties is critical

If your having repair work done on your home, make sure everyone is on the same page. Do not assume. We were contracted to repair some water damage to a wall. We were hired by a local plumber (warranty work on their part) However the homeowner wrongly assumed that we would be opening the wall to look for mold. 

Oops! So we had to go back and open the wall so everyone could confirm there is no mold - We offer NO mold mitigation! Then we re-patched the much bigger hole.

Update: 2/21/24:

We primed with PPG Gripper and painted the wall with a Sherwin sample, which is super-paint satin, for $12 vs $30 for a quart:

Drywall Repair by Carrigan Painting


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