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Water Damaged Plaster Ceiling Repair, Ceiling Painters in Snyder, NY - The "Buterfly House"

We removed the water damaged plaster from the living room ceiling. Upon removal, we discovered an active leak. So we had to stop the job, until the leak was repaired. Its a waste of our time and your money, for us to repair a ceiling that still has an active leak. Due to the design of the home, the water runs to the center of the roof, and then drains off. Its a terrible design as debris from nearby trees, collects in the center of the roof, causing water to pool and eventually leak into the living space. The homeowner shared with us a bit of history about this home in a book they have, I posted about it at the end of this post, which also shows the exterior of this home. Due to the height and size of the anticipated ceiling repair, we opted for steel scaffold on wheels. This area has been repaired multiple times over the years. After discovering water, we used every fan we had on the truck to help dry out the area. We removed the water saturated insulation and replaced it with new ins

Exterior Painters in Clarence, NY

 We pressure washed the stucco, and then applied two full coats of paint to the same. We spayed the stucco and then back-rolled.  We plastic off anything that should not be painted. The downside to this, is you can't look out the windows for a couple of days  Learn more about our Exterior Painting Services