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Drywall Ceiling Repair in East Amherst, NY

Drywall Ceiling Repair & Painting The homeowners had some plumbing work done which involved opening a small hole in the kitchen ceiling. We created a box around the repair to contain our dirt and dust. We patched the drywall, spot primed our repair and then painted the ceiling. Another ceiling properly repaired and painted. Carrigan Painting - Ceiling Repairs

Ceiling dripping? - Here is how to Limit Expensive Damage

First: Don't panic! The most important thing you can do is gain control over the situation. That starts by poking a hole in the ceiling and letting the water out. Make sure you have a bucket, a trash can. The goal here is control where the water goes. You may not be able to stop the flow, but if you can control where that flow goes, you can minimize the damage. Let the Water Out! A screw driver works well, or in the case above- a tree branch! The ceiling is completely saturated, so creating a hole is easy. A small hole, is cheaper and easier to fix, than a big hole. Often times with water-damage, the drywall panel will warp necessitating replacement of a larger area, but you don't want to get into the level of demo right now. Small hole is all that is needed, or a bunch of small holes. I have personally removed over 6 gallons of water from a dripping ceiling by poking holes in it. This is something you can do yourself. If you don't have a ladder and can't reach the ceil

Water damage ceiling repair & painting near Lancaster, NY

 Ceiling Repair and Painting So we finished that job we started right before the blizzard on Jan 12, 2024. After patching the damage, we spot primed the patches with oil base primer then painted the walls and ceilings. We also painted the walls and ceilings in 2 bathrooms upstairs as well as the trim and doors.   Interior Painting Ceiling Repairs

Most people, including Painters, install roller covers incorrectly.

 Most people are unaware that you can in fact install a roller cover backward. Higher end roller covers are often beveled on one end. That beveled edge goes to the outside - away from the roller frame. The straight edge goes on the inside as that is your leading edge. It allows you to get closer to edges, where as the beveled edge is to assist with feathering.

Water Damage Drywall Ceiling Repair & Painting near Lancaster NY

 These folks had a minor water leak which impacted the kitchen ceiling and wall. Luckily the damage was largely superficial, so we removed the damage, and patched the area. On Monday, we will spot prime with oil base primer, and paint the ceiling and walls that were affected. If you have water dripping from a ceiling, poke a hole in it and let the water out! Fix the source of the leak (plumber or roofer) Then call us at 716-697-3560 Water Damage Ceiling Repairs

Installed new drywall in a bathroom renovation in the Village of Williamsville, NY

 We were contracted to install new drywall in this bathroom. We don't normally install new work, however this wasn't too bad. We installed moisture resistant drywall, finished and primed the new drywall.  Drywall & Painting