PPG SEAL GRIP Alkyd Primer Review, and Ceiling Painting

This home has really nice swirl texture in all the rooms. Among the best we have seen. However the ceilings haven't been painted in a few years so we are priming and painting them to make them white again Some minor cracks in the ceiling we opted to glue and then caulk instead of opening them up. With swirl, you can hide cracks easier fan you can actually repairing them. Especially if their small like these We weren't originally going to prime the ceiling, however we decided to just do it as it would make for a better job. This also gave us the perfect opportunity to try out PPG's NYS compliant primer. So the priming is a freebie for the homeowner.  We tried the new SEAL GRIP Interior/Exterior Universal Alkyd Primer that is NYS compliant as a possible replacement for our go to oil primer, however we are not satisfied with Seal Grip Alkyd. We won't be using that again! After 5 HOURS the primer was still not dr

The Dark Truth Behind Reviews

Online reviews of a product or service is the lifeblood of small businesses today. Reviews can make or break a small business and are a powerful tool consumers have for leveraging positive experiences from businesses. Studies prove that when a customer is unhappy with a product or service, they are more likely to voice their frustrations online in the form of a negative review.  But if a customer is happy with a product or service they are less likely to share that positive experience by leaving a positive review. This is an ongoing struggle for all small businesses regardless of industry. There are paid services, companies can employ to gain more reviews, which can range from inexpensive to not cheap. Often a potential client or customer is more likely to go with the company with the most reviews yet they themselves won't leave a review. In our business we have noticed a 20% follow through with our clients. Meaning 8 out of 10 clients who love our work, for whatever reason will no

Popcorn Ceiling Removal & Plaster Repair & Painting in 3 Days

This week's project in the Village of Williamsville.  Remove Popcorn ceiling and repair damaged plaster. Today we repaired the damaged wall and ceiling areas and skim coated the entire ceiling after removing the popcorn texture. Often times popcorn texture is installed to hide damage to a ceiling. This is one such case.  This area was repair previously with spackle and popcorn in a can. We chipped it off with a hatchet so we could patch the area properly. The pink stuff is a special bonding agent. This damage was effectively hidden by the popcorn Update 5-22-24 All done! Contact Carrigan Painting Today! 716-697-3560

Plaster Bulge Repair - Worst Case Scenario - Case Study

  Plaster Bulge Repair   We determined we needed a bigger roller After the walls and ceiling were coated, we began to patch with DiamondCoat Plaster All patched up. On Friday we skim coat the ceiling, and Monday we prime everything. These are all plaster patches. The pink stuff is a bonding agent for the plaster This is what can happen when you open up a small plaster bulge. The paint lost adhesion to the plaster and peeled the plaster finish off the walls and ceilings. Problem is the peel didn't stop. It came off in sheets. Once you start, it won't stop. Update 5-10-24 So we primed the walls and ceiling with oil primer, and then skim coated a few areas that we were not happy with. We knew there would be a bit of skim coating due to the amount of damage incurred. Update: 5-13-24 We sanded the walls and ceilings. We had to switch over to drywall compound for all the little things. The upper half of 3 of the walls have been refinished with plaster.  If your looking for real plas

Full interior re-paint. Trim, Doors, Walls & Ceilings

This home was built 15 years ago and this is the first time it has been repainted. We repaired minor damage to the walls and ceilings, spot primed our repairs, then painted the ceilings, walls trim and doors 2 coats.  We have found painting ceilings 2 coats makes the ceilings look better. So its now company standard to do everything two coats. Book Your Free Quote Today! 716-697-3560

Google De-Ranking small businesses.

Its not you,  Google search results are unhelpful  - On purpose! I have contemplated posting this since late March of 2024. Don't want to come off as whining, but I feel like people outside the sphere should know. We were in the top 10 of results for multiple keywords (searches) now we are on page 5, or not ranking at all for those keywords. Websites are ranked by keywords. When you search for "painter near me" - that phrase is a keyword. These are my observations after spending the last year working on our website to make it better. Google does what are called Core Updates 3-4 times a year. That last Core update in March, pretty much de-ranked our website across those keywords Everyone claims that its all about content, good helpful content. I have spent hundreds of hours creating one of a kind content for our website. I have typed out over 25,000 words explaining the details of our work for our clients/potential clients. Some of which is turning up on AI generated websi

Ceiling Painting by Carrigan Painting

We are re-painting the entire interior of this home.

Interior House Painting Part 3

 We started this project repairing major water damage to plaster ceilings and walls in this home. Once the damage was repaired, the homeowners decided to have us skim coat the affected ceilings and repaint the rooms. These are those photos.  More can be found in these two posts: And then the repairs: Interior House Painting 4-12-24

Modernizing Old Swirl Ceilings - From Texture to Smooth in 3 Rooms - Part 2

  This home had a swirl texture that was created with paint. These ceilings were not the traditional sand swirl texture found in many homes around Buffalo.  You can see the swirl in the photo below. This is the first coat. Tomorrow we will go back and apply the second coat of drywall mud to the ceilings. Once they are dry, we will sand the ceilings. Then prime the ceilings with oil base primer due to all the ceilings having water damage which we repaired on a previous trip .  These water stains will burn through latex paint, and may require multiple coats of shellac primer to get acceptable coverage. Which is why we will use an oil primer. Prime + Paint = stains Gone! More to Come! Skim Coating by Carrigan Painting Here are the left overs from today. We are pretty quick at skim coating however it is very labor intensive and tiring. Tomorrow we will sand the ceilings we skim coated, and then prime them. The primer we are using is an oil base primer due to the extensive water damage thes