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What's the difference between Drywall Installers and Drywall Repair?

Defining Drywall Repair  By Dave Carrigan. The act of repairing drywall, or sheetrock, is when you have incurred damage to an existing wall or ceiling surface which requires repair to restore it. Drywall repair often involves priming and painting. We like to at least prime all of our repair work as it shows us our imperfections. Holes, cracks, water damage, torn paper, dings, loose drywall tape, damaged corners, pealing paint, skim coating (some times grouped in with drywall repair), someone stepping through or falling through a ceiling from the attic, or the dog chewing on the wall,  are all examples of drywall repair.  Side note: We actually did a job about 10 years ago where the family dog chewed holes in the walls! Below are examples of drywall repair: A plumber cuts holes in your walls and ceilings is drywall repair. Drywall Repair is patching a ceiling or a wall  What is not a drywall repair? New ceilings. Gutted rooms requiring all new drywall to be installed. New construction.