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Why we no longer use Sherwin Williams paint

The Fall from Grace We used Sherwin Williams paints almost exclusively from 2010 - 2022. In 2021, we began noticing a marked change in product quality from Sherwin Williams, in their SuperPaint, Duration, and Emerald lines of paint. Our go to for years was SuperPaint, but then with Covid there was a shortage so we began using Duration. Around the summer of 2022, we noticed that both SuperPaint (when we could get it) and Duration were very watery and lumpy. We asked multiple stores in the area if Sherwin had changed the formula of the paint. The answers we received is- no. It was like they were thinning the paint to make it go farther.  The local people at the local retail stores, are among the hardest working, sincere people you will ever work with from a material supplier. Really great people! This is not their fault.  This all came to head on one job in the fall of 2022. The image below is Duration Matte and Emerald Matte 1 coat. Side by side comparison over a very dark blue 9/2022 I