Wallpaper Removal, Drywall Repair, Wall and Ceiling Painting in Newstead NY

Wallpaper Removal & Drywall Repair & Painting

We removed the wallpaper from the walls, and then washed the walls then pole sanded the walls and ceiling. After we primed the walls and spot primed water stains on the ceiling with oil primer. 

wallpaper removal Newstead NY

wallpaper removal Newstead NY

Skim coating is often needed

Lots of patching. Whoever did the finishing work 25 years ago, didn't do a very good job, so all the seems in the drywall had to be re-coated. We couldn't leave it like it was. So since we were there, we decided to just go ahead and fix it. I am glad we did, as it resulted in a much nicer finished product!

Drywall Patching in Newstead NY

Drywall Patching in Newstead NY

We use a product called Dust Control by USG, which cuts down on the air born dust significantly.
Once the patching is completed, we prime all of our patch work with oil primer. Using oil primer, seals the patches, so that they don't degrade the sheen of the top coat. It also prevents any possible staining from coming through the top coat as well.

Proper Prep Leads to the Best Results

We also primed, and painted the living room ceiling, and painted the living room walls:

Job completed in 3 days.

Not shown: We cleaned, and painted (4) entry doors.

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