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Restoring Elegance: A Comprehensive Plaster Repair - Update 3-25-24

 Plaster Repair in Amherst, NY Carrigan Painting is the only local painting company specializing in plaster repairs At Carrigan Painting, we specialize in plaster repairs like this one.   Trying to capture this plaster damage in photos proved more difficult than I anticipated. Anyways we removed the loose plaster, and the rotted out metal lath from a previous repair  The metal lath is from a another plasterer (probably my dad) from a long time ago (decades). Looks like they forgot to load basecoat on his truck, because the previous plasterer did the entire repair with finish coat plaster. That is why the wood lath is white. We had to be careful as there wasn't much holding up this ceiling. Most of the plaster keys were broken, and the lath nails rotted away. This was obvious due to the movement of the previous repair. Plaster isn't supposed to move when you push on it. Once the old plaster was removed, we installed metal lath directly to the existing wood lath. Almost all of ou

Cathedral Ceiling Repairs and Painting

 Today we are repairing some cracks around a ceiling beam. Because the cracks are largely superficial, we opted to not open them up too much. We did however chip out the loose drywall and filled in the affected area with Durabond. Once the Durabond was set, we skim coated the area with Dust Control drywall compound. Ceiling Repairs Due to the height of the ceiling - 16 feet, we opted for the walk-thru scaffold instead of the Baker scaffold. The walk-thru provides a much more stable and safer work platform. So while setup / take down is a little bit more involved, the increased safety leads to increased efficiency makes this approach worth it. Update: 3/22/2024 All done. Came out really nice. Contact Carrigan Painting

Popcorn Ceiling Removal, Skim Coating & Painting

 Removing Popcorn Ceiling Texture  & Painting We are doing more and more of these! Thankfully, this ceiling has never been painted so the popcorn texture came off with relative ease with some water. However toward the end, our sprayer broke which prevented us from removing all of the texture in one go. During removal, and the repairs afterward, homeowners typically will lose use of that room until the job is completed. As you can see in the photos, setup for this type of project can be a lot. When it comes to dealing with popcorn ceiling texture, whether its installing it, or removing it, everything must be covered. Clean up during the process is essential in avoiding a gigantic disaster of a mess later. To avoid damage to ceiling fans, we encase them in plastic They never bothered to prime the drywall prior to installing the popcorn. They also didn't fully finish the ceiling which is why the tape at the peak failed and will need to be repaired prior to painting the ceiling. Th

Multiple Ceiling Repairs in Cheektowaga NY - Updated 4-10-24 Part 1

Multiple areas in this home require ceiling repair work as the result of water leaks. After the water damage is repaired, we will be skim coating the affected ceilings to make them smooth, and then painting said ceilings. This area was bad, the plaster was literally falling off the ceiling. Trying to show this in photos is difficult This bump was quite substantial This was a first for us - Fire Dept showing up because of dust! We have had smoke alarms go off before because of dust, but never had the fire department show up! They were quick too! We ran in to a material supplier issue on this job so had to do a drywall patch. There is a framing issue as well (sagging ceiling joist). With plaster, we would lay basecoat, and then finish it, in one day. However with drywall, we are now into day 2 with this patch due to the thickness of the compound. We are skim coating this ceiling as well. There is a weird bump in the ceiling on the right of the patch caused by a sagging ceiling joist that