Kitchen Painters in Tonawanda NY - Repaired some water damage, Painted Walls & Ceilings

Wallpaper Removal & Painting

Picking colors is sometimes a challenge for homeowners. There are so many options! Picking the correct color for any given space can sometimes prove difficult as colors look different depending on the time of day.  Which is why we offer free color consultation with all signed contracts. We advise homeowners to wait until they speak with Stacy prior to choosing a color. Given the cost of paint and a color change after the fact, its best to speak to our expert first. 

A small hallway

Some minor water damage to the kitchen ceiling from a roof leak which has been repaired. There is also a crack that the homeowners wanted us to repair as well.

Once the wallpaper was removed, we washed the walls. After which we primed the walls with an oil primer. 

Minor water damage and a plaster crack turned into a larger repair. The plaster ceiling was skim coated at some point with drywall compound which lost adhesion and pealed off a bit. 

While waiting for other areas to dry, we painted the downstairs hallway. The color on the walls leading to, and in the basement is Winter Wheat by Benjamin Moore.

Time to complete: 4 days.

Interior Painting by Carrigan Painting



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