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Popcorn ceiling removal in Lancaster, NY. Living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, Plus Painting

Popcorn Ceiling Removal  We have removed our share of popcorn ceiling texture from ceilings all over western New York. We use water to remove the ceiling texture, as its the safest, most efficient way to remove a popcorn ceiling. We have tried the sanding method, and while that does work, and is sometimes faster, multiple visits to the chiropractor after the fact is usually required so we don't do that anymore. Imagine holding up a 25 pound broom, against your ceiling and moving it across the ceiling, taking care not to dig into the drywall. Its not easy, and literally is back breaking work. Our way, while messier, is easier. And typically results in less over all dust, as well as negating the asbestos risk. We take a 2 gallon sprayer, fill it with warm water, and spray your ceilings til they begin to drip, then move to the next area, and then come back and hit the areas we started with. At that point, we take a 6" putty knife and scrape off the texture.  If the ceilings have

Basement Ceiling Painters in Akron, NY

Basement Ceiling Painting in Akron, NY   Painting basement ceilings isn't something we do every day, but we have done a few of them. They do require extensive prep, and typically takes a few days. Due to the ceiling being black, lighting can become a problem. Suddenly all of our super bright lights aren't quite as bright anymore. If this is something your looking to have done in your home, empty as much stuff out of the areas to be painted. Also note that in this scenario, it's strongly advisable to paint the walls AFTER the ceiling is sprayed. Due to the poor lighting, we always do at least 2 coats on the ceiling. This ensures uniform coverage. If you would like a quote to paint your basement ceiling, give us a call at 716-697-3560 Interior House Painters in WNY

For Best Results Repair Plaster with Plaster instead of Drywall

Why You Should Repair Plaster with Plaster By Dave Carrigan The differences between plaster and drywall involve more than just the materials used. While most painters advertise Plaster and Drywall Repair, almost everyone is using drywall compound for both types of repairs. I will explain why this isn't always ideal. Estimated Read Time: 6 minutes All of our images were created by us. Common questions answered in this post:   Why is my plaster ceiling wavy?  Can you use drywall repair on plaster?  What can I use to repair plaster walls?  What is the best material to patch plaster walls? Almost anyone can learn to repair drywall. Almost anyone can make repairs to walls and ceilings using pre-mixed drywall compound or setting-type drywall compound which comes in a bag. You mix it to the consistency of brownie mix. Drywall mud is inherently very sticky. This makes application to vertical and overhead surfaces easier. Drywall Shrinks The biggest problem with drywall compound involves