Are you looking to get your basement painted?

Basement Painting

Akron, NY 

We painted the ceiling in the basement of this home back in October of 2023:

Basement Ceiling Painters

We pole sanded the walls, and then applied (2) coats of paint to the walls, and (2) coats of paint to the white trim in the two basement rooms and the stairwell leading down to the basement

interior painters

interior painters

There was a white patch on this wall. Typically when painting with shades of red, grey primer is recommended due to the amount of dye in the paint. However, Behr Dynasty continues to impress. It covered fresh drywall compound in 3 coats. Sherwin and Benjamin Moore do not have a product that can compete!

First coat:

Second Coat:

Third coat: 100% covered.

Sometimes its tough to remember to get pictures. I thought we had more. This basement has seen a lot of work done to it. 

If you would like to get a free quote on painting your basement, give us a call: 716-697-3560


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