Plaster Bulge Repair - Worst Case Scenario - Case Study


Plaster Bulge Repair

We determined we needed a bigger roller

After the walls and ceiling were coated, we began to patch with DiamondCoat Plaster

All patched up. On Friday we skim coat the ceiling, and Monday we prime everything.

These are all plaster patches. The pink stuff is a bonding agent for the plaster

This is what can happen when you open up a small plaster bulge. The paint lost adhesion to the plaster and peeled the plaster finish off the walls and ceilings. Problem is the peel didn't stop. It came off in sheets. Once you start, it won't stop.

Update 5-10-24

So we primed the walls and ceiling with oil primer, and then skim coated a few areas that we were not happy with. We knew there would be a bit of skim coating due to the amount of damage incurred.

Update: 5-13-24

We sanded the walls and ceilings. We had to switch over to drywall compound for all the little things. The upper half of 3 of the walls have been refinished with plaster. 

If your looking for real plaster repair, Carrigan Painting is the only painting company in Western New York doing this kind of work. Give us a call! 

All done.
Plaster bulges can be expensive to repair. This dining room took 5 days to repair all the bulges


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