Trying out the new NYS Compliant Oil Primer and Ceiling Painting

This home has really nice sand swirl texture in most of the rooms. Among the best we have seen. However the ceilings haven't been painted in a few years so we are priming and painting them to make them white again

Some minor cracks in the ceiling we opted to glue and then caulk instead of opening them up. With swirl, you can hide cracks easier than you can actually repairing them. Especially if their small like these
We weren't originally going to prime the ceiling, however we decided to just do it as it would make for a better job. This also gave us the perfect opportunity to try out PPG's new NYS compliant primer. So the priming is a freebie for the homeowner. 

We tried the new SEAL GRIP Interior/Exterior Universal Alkyd Primer that is NYS compliant as a possible replacement for our go to oil primer, however we are not satisfied with Seal Grip Alkyd. We won't be using that again! After 5 HOURS the primer was still tacky!

 Our go to primers dry in 30 minutes allowing us to paint the same day, and our go to primers do not smell as bad as it dries quickly. I also noticed it burns the eyes like Kilz from the 1990's. As a benefit, it didn't get anyone high. But it did smell awful for a lot longer than I would have liked. (Hours upon hours) our poor clients =(

Coverage seemed on par with our primers and overspray was very low. Given the textured ceiling we used a big fluffy roller and noticed that overspray was significantly less than our preferred primer. Also it didn't drag the brush as bad making it easier to work with. It took just under a gallon to do that ceiling. Not bad.

But the dry time, and the smell. Deal breakers. Especially the smell! How this stuff is NYS Compliant is beyond me. It is that bad! We used our regular oil primer the next day in the kitchen, and then painted that same ceiling in 1 8 hour day. 

The search for a suitable replacement continues.

Update 5/24: The over bearing odor dissipated however inside the room it smelled like burnt plastic. This odor went away as soon as we painted the ceiling.

We also noticed that it has an almost semi gloss sheen even though it claims to be 
a flat sheen. When we arrived at work we thought it was still wet it was so shiny!

Two coats of ceiling paint rectified that problem. Overall we are very disappointed in PPG's new primer



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