Water Damaged Plaster Repair & Painting in a small foyer in Amherst, NY

Plaster Repair & Painting

Amherst, NY

plaster ceiling water damage

 Close up of efflorescence

plaster water damage, efflorescence

We chipped off the damaged plaster, and removed the damage plaster basecoat from the wall by hand. This patch became MUCH  bigger than originally anticipated. This can happen with plaster repair.

water damaged plaster removal
Instead of removing the wood lath which can lead to even more problems,(opens in new window) we installed metal lath over the wood lath, than applied plaster basecoat. That is the grey material in the next photo

plaster repair, plaster basecoat

Finished the patches

plaster patch

The following is the other side of the same foyer. There were shelving brackets the homeowners wanted removed. They were afraid of this happening to them .They were much happier it happened to us instead.

wood lath plaster repair

Easily repaired with plaster

plaster repair

Then finished:

plaster repairs

And painted.

foyer painters

foyer painters

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