What's the difference between Drywall Installers and Drywall Repair?

Defining Drywall Repair 
By Dave Carrigan.

The act of repairing drywall, or sheetrock, is when you have incurred damage to an existing wall or ceiling surface which requires repair to restore it. Drywall repair often involves priming and painting. We like to at least prime all of our repair work as it shows us our imperfections.

Holes, cracks, water damage, torn paper, dings, loose drywall tape, damaged corners, pealing paint, skim coating (some times grouped in with drywall repair), someone stepping through or falling through a ceiling from the attic, or the dog chewing on the wall,  are all examples of drywall repair. 
Side note: We actually did a job about 10 years ago where the family dog chewed holes in the walls!

Below are examples of drywall repair:

Drywall ceiling repair

Drywall tape repair

Kitchen drywall repair

ceiling drywall repair

Drywall Crack Repair

Drywall ceiling repair

A plumber cuts holes in your walls and ceilings is drywall repair.

Drywall Repair is patching a ceiling or a wall 

What is not a drywall repair?

New ceilings. Gutted rooms requiring all new drywall to be installed. New construction. Or installing new drywall over the top of existing walls or ceilings.

If you gutted your living room and are down to studs all the way around or the majority of the room is gutted, that is not a drywall repair job.

In such cases you need someone who installs new drywall.

Installing new drywall is a different skillset than repairing drywall. Those who routinely install new drywall are more efficient and often times produce a better finished product in less time and less money than those who repair drywall.

We painted this new build, we did not hang/finish the drywall.

If your going to pay someone to install new drywall you want someone who does it all the time. The difference in the finished product is often noticeable. 

At Carrigan Painting we repair drywall. We do not install drywall. We also do not finish drywall that has been hung by others. However if your looking for a professional painting contractor to paint after the new drywall is hung and finished, we would be happy to give you a quote.

If your going to paint yourself, do not forget to prime with PVA Drywall Primer first. Its specially formulated to prime new drywall and is dirt cheap! Do not skip this step! Once primed, paint with whatever you want.

Give us a call!

It should be noted that drywall follows the contours of the framing. If your walls or ceilings are wavy or have bulges in them not caused by water infiltration, chances are its a framing issue and not a drywall issue.

By Dave Carrigan


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