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Ceiling Painters in Amherst, NY

Painting popcorn ceilings is a lot more involved than painting smooth ceilings. The reason for this is  when you roll a popcorn ceiling, it rains popcorn onto everything. This is especially true if the ceiling has never been painted. Also, painting popcorn ceilings typically require about 50% more paint, and 50% more time to complete than traditional ceilings due to both the absorption rates of of the texture, as well as the delay between cutting in the ceiling and rolling the ceiling.

We prefer to cut in the ceiling first, and then once that is complete, we will stop for 30-60 minutes until the cut in line is dry. The reason for this is simple, paint saturates the texture, and when you roll over it with a wet roller, it will peal the popcorn off the ceiling. To avoid that problem (headache) we will wait for the first part of the painting to be completely dry prior to moving to the next step - rolling the ceiling.

Ceiling Painters in Amherst, NY

While we are cutting in the ceiling, we will also spot prime any stains we come across with oil primer so there are no problems later.

Kitchen Ceiling Painters in Amherst, NY

Given the proliferation of popcorn ceilings in homes all across Western New York, this is something we undertake on a regular basis. We have become quite efficient at painting these types of ceilings as well as other textures, such as sand swirl.

We also remove, and repair these types of ceilings as well. If you would like a free quote to paint your ceilings, give us a call at 716-697-3560

Popcorn Ceiling Painters


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