Modernizing Old Swirl Ceilings - From Texture to Smooth in 3 Rooms - Part 2


Skim Coating ceiling

Skim coating

This home had a swirl texture that was created with paint. These ceilings were not the traditional sand swirl texture found in many homes around Buffalo. 

Ceiling Skim Coating

You can see the swirl in the photo below.

Skim Coating

Skim Coating Ceiling

This is the first coat. Tomorrow we will go back and apply the second coat of drywall mud to the ceilings. Once they are dry, we will sand the ceilings. Then prime the ceilings with oil base primer due to all the ceilings having water damage which we repaired on a previous trip

water stains

These water stains will burn through latex paint, and may require multiple coats of shellac primer to get acceptable coverage. Which is why we will use an oil primer. Prime + Paint = stains Gone!

More to Come!

Here are the left overs from today. We are pretty quick at skim coating however it is very labor intensive and tiring. Tomorrow we will sand the ceilings we skim coated, and then prime them. The primer we are using is an oil base primer due to the extensive water damage these ceilings endured, there is a lot of staining.

Update: 4-5-24

Ceiling skim coating

ceiling patching

Just some minor touch ups with some areas we are not happy with. On Monday, Eclipse Day, we will spot prime these areas and paint the ceiling. The walls are being painted as well but that is on Tuesday.

Update: 4-9-24

The ceilings have been sanded, spot primed and painted. The walls are being prepped for painting and Bailey - the family dog is inspecting our work. 

interior painting

interior painting

interior painting

interior painting

All done:

interior painting

Interior Painting

We spot prime our patchwork.

Interior Painting

Interior Painting

Interior Painting

Interior Painting

Interior Painting


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