Ceiling Water Damage Repair, Wall and Ceiling Painting in Clarence Center NY


Kitchen Ceiling Repair in Clarence NY

This damage was the result of the wax seal on the master bathroom toilet drying out after 50 years and causing a leak. Plumbers replaced the wax ring, and opened this hole in the ceiling. They referred the homeowner to us for making the necessary repairs to the wall, ceiling, and the painting afterward.

Kitchen Ceiling Repair in Clarence NY

Upon initial inspection of the damage it didn't look too bad. However once we go into it we realized about 3/4 of the wallboard had to be replaced due to the water damage. We also replaced the insulation in the wall with new. Once insulation gets wet, its generally ruined and should be replaced.

Once the needed repairs were completed, we primed the area, and then painted the walls and ceiling to match the existing color scheme.

Kitchen Painters in Clarence NY

Kitchen Painters in Clarence NY

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