Popcorn Ceiling Repair in Lancaster NY

Popcorn Ceiling Repair & Ceiling Painting

They had a roof leak, which came down through the first floor ceiling. The HOA maintenance man opened up the ceiling, removed the wet insulation and drywall, then put this ugly blue tarp over the hole.

water damage to popcorn ceiling

Patched the hole with drywall:

popcorn ceiling drywall patch

Spraying Popcorn Texture

After finishing the patchwork, we primed it and sprayed medium texture over the patch. However the texture on the ceiling isn't medium its Fine. Oops! So, we had to scrape it off, and re-spray medium texture. 

Popcorn ceiling repair

Once the wrong texture was removed, we sprayed the correct texture to match the existing.

popcorn ceiling repair

Painting the Ceiling

Popcorn ceiling repair

Spot primed the new popcorn texture, and painted the ceiling

popcorn ceiling painters

popcorn ceiling painting

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